K Smith

K Smith is one of today’s leading pencil artists in North America and the Caribbean who works in both graphite and coloured pencil. He holds a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Visual Art and Mathematics from the University of Regina in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has taught for over 30 years in schools in The Bahamas, the United Kingdom, and Canada. In 1991, K Smith made a decision to leave his home in Canada and relocate to Nassau, The Bahamas. It is here in this tropical paradise that his appreciation for the natural environment as well as historical architecture has become more refined.

In January of 2010, K Smith was presented with the Civil Society Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education by the Jones Communication Network.
“My life passion is art and everything that it encompasses.   I have been blessed with the innate gift of art, and being both an art educator and professional artist, I feel compelled to share this gift with as many people as I can either through mentoring novice artists or inspiring young artistic minds. My greatest pleasure has been witnessing students who have experienced my art instruction gain acceptance into art schools both locally and overseas.”
~ K Smith